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The Merck Veterinary Manual
Eleventh Edition

A Must-Have Reference for Animal Health Professionals

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"I know of no other animal health reference that contains so much information that is so user-friendly. . . .Anyone with an interest in veterinary medicine, animal science, livestock production, or other agricultural agencies, as well as students interested in animal care and wellness, will find this book an outstanding resource."
— James L. Voss, DVM, MS, Dean Emeritus, College of Veterinary Medicine and Biological Sciences, Colorado State University

"This essential reference has been a mainstay in nearly every veterinary hospital since it was first published in 1955."
— Gina Spadafori, pet care columnist for Universal Press Syndicate and author of Cats for Dummies, Dogs for Dummies, and Birds for Dummies

"The Merck Manual is a MUST HAVE for all vet students. It discusses most species and the common problems of each. It has an excellent appendix with all sorts of useful information including normal TPRs, conversion charts, and zoonoses, etc. While it does not go into great depth on pathophysiology, it is a perfect place to look up quick rule outs and basics. No matter what species or organ system we're studying, I use my Merck nearly every day."
— Veterinary Student, USA

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